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Who had a great time at the 2024 Trauma-Informed and Relationship-Focused Conference?? We all did!! We missed you but you do don't have to miss out on all the opportunities to learn from our amazing line up of speakers and presenters. You can get access to both keynote presentations and all 10 break out sessions and watch or listen from your favorite device for the next year.

Why Trauma-Informed and Relationship-Focused

Here at Chaddock we believe that relationships are primary and state that relationships is one of our values. Trauma exposure can disrupt the universal process of attachment, so therefore we need to focus on offering the people we are helping supportive and compassionate relationships as part of the educational or human services we are providing. If you are not utilizing relationships to emotional partner with your students or clients are you trauma-informed? If trauma exposure happens in the context of a relationship then so does the and the relationships we can offer are the most powerful intervention. Join us and this growing community of professionals that value the inclusion of attachment in the discussion of becoming trauma-informed.

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Coming Next Year

"This has been an incredible conference...I had no idea how much I would be learning. I wish I could bring my whole staff...I regret not coming the last two years"

An Intimate Experience

"I have been to a number of conferences and this conference was one of the most organized, welcoming, and personal conferences I have been to"

A Dream Come True

"I follow all of your social media and value all you offer and share it with our staff and love what Chaddock stand for and all the people they help, getting to be here on this campus is a dream come true"

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