Supporting children and families who have experienced great loss and endured extreme trauma is a daunting task. Helpers often fall prey to vicarious trauma and burn-out, and too many give up this specialization or leave the field entirely. As a result, many of the children and families with the most complex needs are paired with the least experienced helpers. At Chaddock, we have the experience and longevity to understand the type of support needed to keep the best and brightest engaged with this work.


The Developmental Trauma and Attachment Institute

is for helpers who seek to be rejuvenated and revitalized in their work with children and families. This type of renewal and confidence is a natural by-product of gaining specialized knowledge, advanced skills, consultation, guidance, mentorship, and most importantly being in a community providing the experience of being seen and understood. Yet, who has time and resources to seek out all of that? No one. That’s why we have designed an experience and a soft place to land where all of these needs will be met in one central place.

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