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The Developmental Trauma and Attachment Institute aims to revitalize and enhance your work with children and families. As a member, you'll gain access to specialized knowledge, acquire advanced skills, mentorship, case consultation, and build connections with others who...just get it! With the support of our scholarly practitioners, you'll find it much easier to seek out opportunities and develop professionally while still balancing your busy schedule.

Who Should Join the Institute?

The Institute is a community of professionals dedicated to helping those affected by trauma. DTAI serves as a valuable resource for mental health professionals, educators, and organizations seeking to deepen their understanding of trauma and attachment. This includes psychologists, social workers, counselors, therapists, school counselors, and social workers. Organizations can also benefit! Ask us about group rates.

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Setting The Stage

Did you know that pre-webinar learning has been scientifically proven to increase your engagement and retention? That's why we start each month with select readings to set you up for success! 

Group Case Consultation

Present Tough Cases

Members will have an opportunity to present cases they are feeling really stumped about and participate in group consultation. Be prepared to discover wisdom you couldn’t have found alone for your most vexing clinical challenges.

Deep Dive Webinars

Live or On-Demand

Once a month, our members enjoy interactive, engaging and practical 1-hour webinars. These are designed to take a deep dive into our featured topic of the month! All webinars are offered both live and on-demand for your convenience. 

Reflective Practice

A Live Gathering

Hosted by our Institute faculty, our monthly reflective practice session is specifically designed for the needs of our Institute Community. You will find compassion and sustenance for your journey.

Bonus Guest Lectures

Membership Exclusive Webinars

When there is a 5th week in a month, we host bonus lecture events featuring prominent researchers and clinicians in the world of developmental trauma and attachment. 

Monthly CE Opportunities

CEs Made Easy

Consider yourself covered for the majority of your annual CEs since as an Institute member you can earn 12 CEs* per year, 1 each month. CEs can also be earned for bonus webinars, an additional 4 CEs for the year. 

Choose a Pricing Option

Choose a Pricing Option