Are you looking for a way to boost your knowledge of attachment theory?

Look no further than this exclusive webinar series! Our monthly webinars are designed to provide you with valuable information and application strategies for your work, your life and those you serve. CE's are offered when you attend live, otherwise you can view them on-demand 24/7.

When you attend our webinars, you will have the opportunity to learn from attachment theory experts and professionals who have years of experience in their respective fields. By attending these webinars, you will gain a deeper understanding of attachment theory practices, develop new skills and connect with other professionals.

Webinar Description

This webinar will give participants a deeper understanding of how specific types of movement can result in more sustained emotional and behavioral regulation in children, particularly those who are vulnerable to a more frequent or more intense stress response. Participants will be able to identify signs of dysregulation and regulation, how to proactively intervene with the “right” type of movement, and gain a deeper understanding of how specific types of movement throughout the day impacts the brain and can result in a larger window of tolerance for relational, emotional, and behavioral stressors. This webinar will conclude with examples of specific types of movement that can be regulating for children who present with different types of emotional or behavioral challenges.

About the Host

Josh Carlson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Executive Director of The Knowledge Center at Chaddock. He oversees the training and consultation endeavors TKC offers and is one of the lead trainers. Josh combines his over 17 years of experience at Chaddock with humor and fun that engages his audiences as they learn. He has a Masters in Social Work from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Guest Presenter

Kaylee Morford, MA, LCPC, has been a clinical therapist serving Chaddock’s residential children and families for over seven years. While Kaylee’s primary population of work has been with Chaddock’s younger population, she also has experience working with the adolescent population across the residential campus. Kaylee is Phase I certified in the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics and has completed training in Theraplay, Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. Kaylee is passionate about giving the kids and families she works with, as well as other professionals, a better understanding of how brain organization and development impacts relational and behavioral functioning, as well as how becoming attuned to the specific types of movement a child’s brain requires can more consistently aid in regulation, as well as build stronger attachment between adults and children.

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